THE SHIFT TO DIGITAL, why NASCAR choose Motorola

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NASCAR officials have enthusiastically embraced MOTOTRBO, and they applaud the benefits it has brought to the NASCAR experience. Smooth Management of Communications Traffic MOTOTRBO “does a super job for us,” according to Kerry Tharp, Director of Communications, NASCAR. “You have to communicate pre-race, during the race, and most importantly for us, post-race because when the race is over, that’s when our media operation kicks in for us full-bore. We bring in our top three drivers for interviews; we bring in our winning driver to the victory lane, and we also check in on the garage to make sure that post-race is going along as it should. We have to make sure we’re communicating quickly and concisely. Through MOTOTRBO, we’re able to do our jobs a whole lot better than we have in the past.”

A Clear Road for Communications Digital provided a measurable improvement over NASCAR’s old system, which sometimes had a slower response time. “MOTOTRBO has taken NASCAR to a whole new level.” Steve Lowery, Chief Scorer, NASCAR, explains, “With the old system, there was a lot of interference. Sometimes you couldn’t hear at all because of static. With MOTOTRBO, it’s much clearer.”

Consistency and Reliability
You’d Expect from a Winner According to David Hoots, Managing Event Director, NASCAR, one of the most important benefits is “extended battery life because some of our days are extremely long. We have to be able to communicate consistently and reliably. MOTOTRBO has done a super job for us.” Hoots adds that MOTOTRBO is the first step toward an even more comprehensive communications system: “We took the opportunity to start with a very solid foundation and we will grow with the capabilities the radios offer. With a digital system, we’re going to reap the benefits for years to come.” “ With the old system, there was a lot of interference. Sometimes you couldn’t hear at all because of static. Now, with MOTOTRBO, it’s much clearer.”

Robust Enough for the Toughest Environments The NASCAR study, Hoots recalls, determined that the organization needed “one clear and uninterrupted communication system, and because we move from venue to venue, we’re faced with a big challenge.” The robust, durable and adaptable MOTOTRBO system was able to move from location to location – over 56 events every year, almost every month of the year – for quick deployment and certain performance. “Reliability,” says Hoots, “is of utmost importance. We cannot have a product that is going to fail. We must have the most robust system possible, so MOTOTRBO is the right system for us.” According to Michael Helton, President, NASCAR, “Fans have become interested in the entertainment aspect of listening in, so we still want an analogue system going out for fans who still use analog radios.” The ability of MOTOTRBO to support digital and analogue communications made it the perfect selection for
this blended environment that had to accommodate fans in the stands who want to scan for instant updates using older analog radios.

Twice the Capacity
MOTOTRBO is able to manage large numbers of radios by utilizing TDMA – time division multiple
access – which divides the channel into time slots for greater spectrum efficiency. TDMA enables each single repeater to do the work of two repeaters for enhanced call management with private, group, and system-wide calling capability. Digital Means Clarity MOTOTRBO supports audio quality with digital clarity and noise-canceling technology so that everyone is able to connect with one another and communicate more efficiently. MOTOTRBO radios contain a digital signal processor (DSP) that fine-tunes the audio. When a user connects an IMPRES™ intelligent audio accessory to a MOTOTRBO radio, the accessory provides the radio’s DSP with a unique set of audio parameters to shape the microphone and speaker frequency responses, ensuring the maximum clarity, volume, and intelligibility of each communication. “ Fans have become interested in the entertainment aspect of listening in, so we still want an analog system going out for fans who still use analog radios.”

Batteries Go Farther on a Single Charge MOTOTRBO is able to maintain consistent, reliable communications. All digital radios provide improved battery life, and because TDMA digital systems
utilize batteries more efficiently, users have received up to 18 hours of operation after quick-charging a standard nickel metal hydride battery. Talk-time is now extended and personnel spend less time returning to base to recharge their radios or pick up fresh batteries.

Robust Enough to Take on the Road
One key advantage of MOTOTRBO is that it’s designed to be packed up, moved to a new location and set up, only to be taken down days later and moved again. To withstand that kind of constant use, a radio has to be strong, and MOTOTRBO has proven to be very strong, robust, and durable.

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Wireless Headphones are really the best way forward

Whilst many of our visitors will be excited about some of our own content pieces, here is one i found surfing around it is far better written than I might ever expect to accomplish. Maybe at some point I will get to this rank, you never know.

Hello and welcome to a modern group of advice to those earphones inquiries. Ever desired to know about something headphone, earphone or receiver related? Now is your opportunity. Due to a great deal of inquiries we’re so often asked, you’ll find we’ve reached into our mailbox and picked up the 9 most significant (and most often submitted) questions. Enjoy.
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It is difficult to determine without having something besides to focus on. Anybody can raise weights or pass away a couple of hours on a Stairmaster whilst watching Television, but to jog without a sound or pull weights with nothing but your grunting and groaning for company is not much enjoyment whatsoever. Portable music is the clear interruption of choice, naturally, but which earphones should you choose to play it on? Keep in mind, you dont want headphones that may rattle, skip, fall or slip at the same time as you are attempting to get yourself a sweat going.

Clearly, the best headphones to have, on that instance, are wireless types. Wires can get twisted or (something that I find for myself irritating) they can be pulled out of the gadget youre playing, which leads you to either end your exercises entirely, try and fiddle about one-handedly to re-connect your headphones or just carry on in silence whilst the battery dies on your MP3 player.

Wireless headsets are clearly designed using the dynamic person in mind. If use a Bluetooth model, a great deal of the better, you are able to then also answer your phone, totally hands free.

The Jaybird Freedom may be a model exactly like this, though its quite pricey, you are able to still pick a set up for below 100 (costs vary on this one, so it really is worth shopping about), itll connect quite contentedly to any device it is possible to consider (though, as always, it pays to twice check) and is made with vigorous activity and exercise much in mind. There is even a lifetime anti sweat guarantee. A discreet, lightweight, modern design and faultless sound reproduction make this a rather costly, but very valuable, buy.

If you really do desire a wired pair (or, more likely, you simply cant afford a wireless set), then your best bet could be the Koss KSC 75. They are featured a great deal on a variety of other headset sites and nearly constantly make the top 10 lists for their great mixture of high functioning, reasonable price and lifetime warranty.

Yes, life span guarantee. You are able to return them at any time, for just about any malfunction. The very fact is, that after you try these babies out, you will not choose to, and so they wont let you down. For around 20 you can get these smashing headsets shipped to the door, they clip on to the ears with no trouble and duplicate music better than most headsets that are double the cost.
So there you’ve got it, now there is no justification whatsoever, particularly with summer a-coming in, not to get out there and get a good exercise going.

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