iOS 6 and iPhone 5 – Apple’s Game Changers

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We’ve heard a lot about the Apple’s iOS6 software that include over 200-plus new features and is now available for users to upgrade their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free. Success celebration of iOS 6 was sparked by the following releasing of iPhone 5 that totally reenergized the iPhone community.
Have You Upgraded To iOS 6:
IOS 6, full of updates, brought many sweeping changes to the iPhone and other iOS related Devices. Users of iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, new iPad 3 and fourth-generation iPod touch are all eligible for an update to iOS 6 and can go for iOS 6 apps development.
As Apple’s new mobile operating system is officially available. We’ve assembled a list of the tweaks and new features that the iOS 6 update will bring to the mobile Apple experience.

Fastest adopted mobile operating system

Quicker and Superior in speed and functioning

Brand new Passbook to iOS 6

Built-in Facebook features

iOS 6 will bump-up Siri’s IQ

Refreshed mailing apps

Find my friend

Game centre challenges

Unified browsing experience with Safari

iCloud tabs to keep well placed with all Devices