A two-way radio has to be able to work quickly and efficiently.

Some of the pro writers on the internet are at such a high level that i wonder if any of them have ever created a paperback? so sometimes i like to highlight these brilliant items and here’s one i thought was fascinating the other day.

The clarity of digital audio is undeniable. But if you still prefer analogue, then don’t despair. The DP 2400 is completely comfortable handling both analogue and digital signals.
But there’s a lot more it can do besides that.
The DP 2400 can even use its ‘IP Site Connect’ function to expand the capability of the device via the Internet. In addition, the ‘capacity plus’ function can use a single-site trunking system to enable over a thousand voice or data transfer-users without adding any new frequencies. It can even use an (optional) ‘linked capacity plus’ feature (a multi-site version of the ‘capacity plus’ function) that works in tandem with the IP functionality to ensure even broader fields of communication over greater distances.
There’s even an enhanced security function.
The Motorola DP 2400 comes in both VHF and UHF forms.
At £284, this is a reasonably priced, yet high spec, device. With the release of the 3400, we can reasonably expect the price to drop a little more as well soon, but probably not by an incredible amount, as both models do seems to specialize in slightly different areas.
Overall, it does look like Motorola are offering a good radio-based product for your money, yet again.
The design is hardy and utilitarian; this is the sort of two-way radio a security guard or professional soldier might use. Its tough, square edged and no-nonsense, but it still looks modern and professional. On top of this, the DP 2400’s ease of use makes the simplicity of the design a perfect marriage of model and operation.
As with most of Motorola’s designs, the DP 2400 is a tough little doohickey. The bodywork is so tightly sealed, in fact, that it is almost completely dust and sand proof and has a water protection rating of IP55 (that means you can use it in the rain, but you probably can’t take it snorkelling).
The audio performance of the DP 2400 is nothing short of spectacular. It even adjusts the levels to compensate for background noise automatically.
In fact, so high performance is this radio, that it actually meets US military standard 810 C D E F and G.
The only negative we could find was that the design was slightly bulky and the battery was a little heavy, however, the battery life is so good that we really don’t mind. Besides, it’s reassuring to be absolutely sure that you aren’t about to lose the product (you’d soon notice if you dropped it).
As an optional extra, you can even get a function that will interrupt an existing signal in order to deliver critical information without waiting for a line to close/open.
It really does seem as if Motorola have thought of everything this time around. What we’ve got here is a two-way radio that is pretty close to perfection. It seems to do anything you could possibly want it to and, when ‘pimped out’ with all the optional extras, it will surely do a lot more besides.
There aren’t really any downsides with this product, it works extremely well, is pretty much top of the line in its price range and is bang up to date technologically. What more can you ask for?
For more information on the Motorola DP2400 2 way radio visit 2wayradionline.co.uk



Beginners Guide To Bluetooth Headset Operation

My basic review of this new earpiece it begins well, looks pretty awesome, is easy to run and actually energy efficient, the earpiece really is a excellent product. I’m pleased I purchased it, read more underneath.

audioSimply put, a Bluetooth (BT) headset fits into one ear, and you can seamlessly communicate over the phone without taking it out of your pocket. The Bluetooth protocol is a wireless standard by virtue of which all communication centric data, be it incoming or outgoing calls are handled directly thorough the tiny BT device with the phone acting as a mere relay device. However, understanding how to operate this device appropriately is of vital significance.

The Bluetooth headset is an active device meaning it draws operational power from the rechargeable batteries provided within it. Thus, you will need to charge it separately using the charging unit provided in the bundle by connecting it to an external power source every now and then. A word of advice, buy an extra piece of charging cord as these things tend to get misplaced easily.

Switching ON your newly purchased headset is easy. Just keep the power/connect/disconnect button pressed, and you will see an indicator light blinking in a couple of seconds. This means that your BT headset is now ‘ON’ and ready for use. Most headsets will easily give you 3-hours of uninterrupted talk time, and can be kept on standby for up to a maximum of 60-hours. However, all this depends on various other external parameters like the mobile device you are using or even your usage mannerisms.

Before you can make/receive calls through the BT headset, it will need to be configured to your mobile phone. For this, you must ensure that the headset is switched ON before proceeding further. Then, you will need to find the Bluetooth options in your cell phone and enable them.

When your phone identifies a Bluetooth enabled device, it will intimate the same to you by flashing the product details. Make sure that the details match that of your device (headset). Before the phone can accept a device, it asks for a 4-digit pass code. This is generally 0000 or 1234. On successful pairing, the headset will blink 12 times rapidly to intimate the same, and then slow down to a blink, once every 3 seconds.

With VOIP advancements, one can now easily make calls over the Internet. Attaching a BT headset to your PC or laptop will give you that much needed wireless advantage. However, you will need a Bluetooth adapter in the event you are connecting it to your PC. This small USB device comes loaded with its own installation software. With some easy to follow instructions, the software once installed, will let your use the BT headset effortlessly with your PC.

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