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When I got my 1st disc player, there was nothing I liked better than to take the dual speakers, place them on either side of the pillow and lay in-between them, blasting my head with the constant sonic assault of whatever rock n roll masterpiece I could find inside the junk shop that week. Heaven.

Designed along with your computer in mind, these spiffy new earphones can re-create my experiences (albeit more or less as perfectly) for the digital era. Secure, highly effective and taking advantage of a sleek and sexy design job that’s curvier than Catwoman eating a curly wurly, these earphones have got it all.

The sound copy on these headphone is practically the rules of physics allow, while the overall model is geared up exclusively for quality. These earphones are useful for, amongst other things, keeping in contact with family, giving fellow internet gamers grief prior to you viciously dismember them, audio-conferencing and getting given grief by fellow online gamers as they savagely extract revenge on your earlier selfishness.

Why not re-live your most bright musical memories with a pair of our exquisite earphones? Or experience your favourite movies like never before?

A brand new set of headphone might set you back a few bob, but trust us; these little gems are worth every penny. The most recent headphone are not only the most advanced models yet; these are unmistakably design classics of the future.

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Why Are Headphones Becoming More Popular?

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audioThe answer to this one is simple. Headphones are increasing in popularity at the same rate as portable devices are. The more devices there are on sale, the more headsets will be flying off the shelves with them.

Headphones are only useful when connected to an external device of some kind, the rest of the time; they have no function whatsoever, so headphone-ready devices must be on the rise if headphone sales are increasing.

Not only are Tablet PCs selling like hot cakes right now, but also more and more people are buying iPods and other MP3 players. Socially, the iPods impact has been profound. When I was little, anybody over the age of about 16 who was wearing headphones and not jogging looked silly, they seemed like some sort of impotent man-child caught in a desperate attempt to re-capture lost youth. Usually, these oddball creatures would bob their heads while they walked and tap their thighs with their hands, as if keeping time with some invisible beat, Im sure they thought they looked cool, but the overall effect looked more to me like an epileptic flamingo that was about to throw up.

Then, of course, the age of MP3 players arrived and, suddenly it was cool to own an iPod, and, once that stage was done and dusted, it was normal to own an iPod. Lawyers commuting to work use them; busy housewives listen to their iPods whilst food shopping, even US President Barack Obama revealed the contents of his in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. So, with everyone using iPods, headphone sales are on the rise.

In addition to that, as gaming technology became more immersive, so began the steady rise of gaming headphones. It was now possible for gamers to communicate internationally via the use of headsets and headphones, they could organize their attack patterns on war games, trash talk each other on sports sims or collaborate with each other on RPG games, the whole world opened up to gamers and, in order to access it, they needed to buy a new set of headphones.

Today, Tablet PCs use headphones, mobile phones use headphones, portable gaming devices use headphones, in fact, pretty much everything uses headphones. When I cant sleep at night, I stick my headphones in and listen to music on my computer whilst my girlfriend sleeps, when I go out to meet her from work, I use headphones with my iPod and you know what? Im not alone.

Next time youre out and about, look around you and see just how many people are listening to something, its not just kids, its not just trendy adults, its everyone.

Headphones tend to wear out over time, which means that everybody who is buying them will need to shell out for a couple more as the years roll on. Headphones are within the reach of everyone, even the painfully uncool, so the epileptic flamingo men are at last triumphant.

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What is a excellent sport earphone?

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headphonesHi and welcome to a innovative new series of solutions to the headset inquiries. Ever desired to find out about something headset, earpiece or receiver related? Now’s your opportunity. Due to the great deal of inquiries we’re so frequently asked, you’ll find we’ve dipped into our mailbag and selected the nine most significant (and most frequently submitted) inquiries. Enjoy.
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This is a trivial variation on our previous article, but its worth looking into it as a separate piece.

Whereas, in the aforementioned article, we looked at what were the best headphones to buy for sporting activities and training, now we are shining an investigative light on what it is for which youre really searching for.

So, with this in mind, we have created using the top 5 criteria that you must bear in mind before buying your headphones for the gym, running or training of any type. Here goes:

1) Staying Still: Its quite difficult to get yourself a good workout when you consistently have to adjust your headsets. Headsets that vibrate or slide are a continuing source of annoyance if youre jogging or doing cardio exercise of any kind. Headband style headsets and large cans tend to be an extremely bad decision for arduous movement, unless they are specially designed for it, so youre far better off with ear buds or some other form of inner ear phones in case youre preparing on moving about.
2) Faultless Playback: Theres nothing more nauseating than music that skips about akin to an 8-track tape player with Parkinsons and some headphones simply cant take the tempo. Cheaper earphones will not have shock absorbers built in and, as such, will fracture quite quickly, causing the music to skip or fade in and out. Youre best bet would be to obtain a set with built-in shock absorbers.
3) Noise Reduction: Noise reduction earphones generate a small amount of white noise round the speaker that drowns out nearly all external noise. This really is great for running past road works, sirens and arguments or ignoring the bleak techno crap they listen to at the gym in a vain attempt to motivate you.
4) Sturdy Design: These earpieces are going to be bouncing around with you and they’re more likely to live quite a harsh life. In fact, speakers are very precise gear and little tiny ones even more so. You must be sure that whatever speakers you buy are well looked after, a sturdy body and a tough outer casing are good, as is the thick rubber gummy design that is popular with athletes.
5) Sweat Proofing: When the Human body exerts itself, it sweats. Its a normal function and its in fact quite crucial for keeping body temperature (even if it does not make you smell too appealing afterwards!). On the other hand, sweat, like every other fluid, can acutely injure some headsets. Look out for sweat proof models or those having a sweat guarantee in order to really get the most out of your headsets. Bear in mind also to wash them regularly with a dry cotton bud, just to get the very best functioning from them.


With very little information on the internet about radio earpiece’s, it is very rare when we get a chance to re post, with permission, an article from this industry.

Easy and prompt communication with your workforce is vital to improving response time, strengthening employee efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.

Motorola’s two-way radios provide a durable, high-quality voice communication solution that helps your business increase productivity and provide excellent customer service. Ideal for light manufacturing, retail, hospitality services, property and real estate management. The Motorola P145, P165 and P185 portable radios bring you quality features you need at a competitive price. With an extensive feature set and ergonomic shape for comfortable use in

a durable, lightweight, compact design, you can enhance communication while increasing efficiency and productivity.

• Easy-to-handle, lightweight, compact design. Tough construction and reliable performance thanks to Motorola’s unique Accelerated Life Testing (ALT).

• High power 5 watt (VHF) / 4 watt (UHF) adjustable power levels help extend battery life.

• Multi-channel capability* – 99 channels to support communication amongst all your employees.

• Standard LiIon battery provides up to 11 hours of battery life at high power (5/5/90 duty cycle) to meet the demands of your employee’s work shift. A high-capacity LiIon battery option is available for those with longer shift requirements or increased communication needs.

• Tighter specifications provide enhanced rejection of interference so you can get your message through clearly.

• X-Pand technology provides crisp, clear and strong audio quality.

• 5 programmable buttons* enabling easy, one-touch access to up to 10 user selected features.

• VOX ready for hands-free communication using a suitable headset.

• Built-in simple voice scrambling for increased privacy (programmable feature).

• Built-in DTMF, MDC & QCII signalling provides caller identification and private communication.

• User programmable** feature allows customisation of radio profiles while on the go.
*P145 has 16 channels and 2 programmable buttons **P165/185 models only
• Talkaround capability enabling communication even when a repeater is not being used.

• Rapid-rate drop-in charging – charge standard capacity batteries in less than 3 hours with the single unit charger.

• Get the most from your radio using the wide range of

Motorola Original® accessories: microphones, earpieces, carry cases, a high capacity battery and more allow the user to match the radio to their needs.

• Remote Speaker Microphones can be clipped to a lapel or pocket, allowing messages to be sent and received more easily.

• Earpieces and headsets let you keep your hands free without missing messages.

• Carry cases let you put the radio on your belt and help prevent damage.

• High capacity battery means longer run-times between recharging.

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Riveting, Nimble & Elegant Thriller ‘Grand Piano’ Starring Elijah Wood & John Cusack

Cant get over how low-priced the earpiece is now, an amazing deal for any top-end product!

earpieceA welcome reminder that high-concept thrillers neednt rely on stupid coincidences and even stupider characters in order to succeed, Grand Piano turns the unlikeliest of scenarios into a riveting battle of wills. The story of a concert pianist whose comeback performance gets hijacked by a sniper with a secret agenda, director Eugenio Miras latest film breathlessly combines artistic anxiety and personal desperation, providing its character with a journey as intense emotionally as it is physically. In fact, probably the best Brian De Palma movie he never made, Grand Piano expands the boundaries of single-location, real-time mysteries like Phone Booth and Panic Room with a brilliantly simple concept and nimble, elegant style.

Elijah Wood plays Tom Selznick, a master-class pianist set to play in public for the first time in five years. Having famously choked during a performance of a piece by his late mentor, he is understandably nervous about his return to the stage. But shortly after he begins playing, he discovers that someone has marked up his sheet music with threats to murder him and his wife Emma (Kerry Bish) unless he performs flawlessly. Receiving an earpiece that allows his would-be puppetmaster (John Cusack) to communicate with him, he’s confronted with a challenge that has multiple repercussionsnamely, in delivering a performance that not only saves his career, but his very life.

As loath as I am to describe the music in the film as another character, the concerto written by Victor Reyes is absolutely essential, providing a (no pun intended) meticulously orchestrated through line that frames and enhances each new development in the story even as it serves as a ubiquitous reminder of Selznicks past failures. That it occasionally allows him to depart the stage mid-performance constitutes great planning on Miras part, but the fact that it provides a parallel line for Selznicks emotional state as he embarks on this unexpected rollercoaster is truly masterful. There are few modern examples of music being truly integrated into storytelling, certainly as well as this film does, and even without an appreciation for classical composition, theres much to admire about its use and effectiveness.

As the man behind the keys, Wood carries the film, finding a believable and compelling arc for a character whose default setting might in lesser hands be desperation. Selznicks paralyzing fears of choking a second time are echoed repeatedly in dialogue in opening scenes, first during a particularly contentious phone interview commemorating the performance, then from virtually everyone he encountershes not allowed to forget how grandly he flopped five years prior, even if he could manage to forgive himself. But through Wood, the character convincingly evolves over the course of the film, initially aiming for perfection out of fear, and then slowly building his confidence as he begins to devise a way to turn the tables on his unseen adversary.

Wood is an ideal casting choice for a role like thishandsome and obviously gifted, but overshadowed physically by the actress who plays his more-successful movie star wifeand he turns an otherwise self-contained journey into an opportunity for personal empowerment and professional redemption. Meanwhile, Cusack has less to do physically as the voice on the other end of Selznicks earpiece, but he nevertheless communicates a palpable sense of danger that his victim is right to take seriously. Together, they create a psychological duel worthy of the films theatrical pitch, cementing its intensity as the final, crucial notes of Selznicks performance rapidly approach.

Serving as more than a welcome contrast to the handheld, improvisational camerawork of too many other movies these days, Miras direction is a marvel of fluidity and poetry. The careful composition of each shot enhances the films melodramatic sweep without distracting from the story and performances; whether simply taking inspiration or outright stealing pages from (classic) De Palmas playbook, Mira distinguishes his film with a classical, muscular visual style that suits its high-society backdrop, and mirrors Selznicks mental scramble to focus on his performance and his potential murder at the same time.

Although hes occasionally distracted by expository or plot-lengthening devices such as the snipers accomplice and Selznick’s wifes obnoxiously self-involved friend, Mira makes a breakthrough here as a storyteller and visual stylist that should pay great dividends, regardless of whether or not he chooses to migrate from Spain to Hollywood. But regardless of his own future, Mira makes Selznicks comeback a remarkably immediate experience by dropping the audience into the middle of his implausible, heightened concept and then enabling them to identify with the characters anguish. Ultimately an expertly timed, painstakingly assembled and endlessly engaging game of cat and mouse, Grand Piano succeeds as a whole for the same reasons that Selznick doesnamely, because Mira brings all of its elements to work together in concert, and then executes them like a virtuoso.

What is a 2-way Radio Earpieces?

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A radio Earpiece gives you more covert and secure communications for that 2 way radio, but you might be confused by the word earpiece. It can be utilised in a variety of guises, the most well-liked is the cell phone earpiece, use for lots of the main companies and can have Bluetooth connectivity.

The Radio earpiece is primarily used by people that work with walkie talkies, the safe and covert comms which are demanded by doorman, event member of staff and security people to do their work adequately.

With a huge number of two way radios available for the customer, it could be hard to choose the best, with Entel, Yaesu, Cobra, Maxon and Sepura all producing their own models. As a rule of thumb Motorola are the industry leaders and always produce the very best and sturdy 2 way radios, they dominate the marketplace for this reason and also have done for many years. Motorola’s two main opponents are Icom and Kenwood, both creating very good and reliable 2 way radios.

Motorola’s main business 2 way radio is their GP range, these include the GP340, 320, 360 and 380 along with the GP640, and 680. They are the most popular of their radios and can generally seen at the door of any local club or at one of the large festivals. The GP340 was the very first to move from 2 pin connectors, despite the fact that a latter product was released using a 2 pin connector (the CP040). The multi pin connector makes connecting on the radio safer plus much more secure. Motorola have released 2 other series of two way radios recently using a multi pin concept, the Digital DP3401, DP3400, DP3601 and also the DP3600 as well as the MTP and MTP range used in the emergency services.

The earpiece is fundamentally an expansion of the radio, from the standard acoustic tube and with a PTT (press to talk button) and Microphone all in one unit to a bone conducting earpiece. Earpieces have now highly developed technology and bone conducting earpieces in addition to Bluetooth earpieces are available on the two way radio market.

Mototrbo used at West Tennessee Healthcare

headphonesFor years people have been telling me that relations, love and happiness are the most important things in life…These days I realise that I can take or leave all that as long as We have this earpiece in the world.

West Tennessee Healthcare (WTH) needed a two-way solution that would ensure exceptionally clear and efficient communications to all parts of the property. They had an aging analog system in place, and they wanted to be sure that in the days to come, they’d be well positioned to migrate the whole system seamlessly to digital.

A Communications System in Need of Care

The 50-acre WTH campus is scheduled to expand by more than 20 acres to meet the growing need for healthcare services in the area. As the facility spreads out over the property, the communications system must grow with it; the existing analog system was simply not up to the challenge of accommodating users who needed new applications to do their jobs with greater efficiency.

Currently, there are 40 structures on campus, including 13 multi-story buildings. One of the bigger buildings is the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, which had a communications system based on seven analog repeaters, serving 350 portable radios across the property. The security department had a number of older radios that needed replacement, and those in charge had some very specific requirements for the new system.

Those requirements were articulated by James E. Ross, Vice President of WTH, who explained “there were two very important things that we needed to consider. One, we needed something that would be expandable; two, we needed the ability to send and receive private messages.”

“I put it in my guys’ hands and we tried it out all over the hospital, including the basement, tunnels, places where we’ve had poor reception in the past. We have some huge generators in equipment rooms and we put guys in between those, and we got clear reception everywhere we went with it.”
Diagnosis, Demonstration and Deployment

The most efficient way to introduce MOTOTRBO to WTH was to diagnose their needs and arrange a demonstration of MOTOTRBO’s ability to meet those needs.

According to Eddie Wood, Security Coordinator for WTH, the demonstration could not have gone better. “I put it in my guys’ hands,” said Wood, “and we tried it out all over the hospital, including the basement, tunnels, places where we’ve had poor reception in the past. We have some huge generators in equipment rooms and we put guys in between those, and we got clear reception everywhere we went with it.” With the digital difference, MOTOTRBO provides much clearer audio quality than is possible with analog, especially in fringe coverage areas.

Once MOTOTRBO was selected, migration was very simple. MOTOTRBO supports dual mode analog and digital operations to enable backwards communication with analog radios already in place. In this way, WTH could buy a few MOTOTRBO radios and use them in the analog mode; then, over time and as budget allowed, they could start migrating a few radios at a time to digital. As part of the initial deployment, the analog repeater was removed and replaced with a MOTOTRBO digital repeater. The MOTOTRBO system blended perfectly

with an existing combiner and bidirectional amplifier.

“After we got done testing the demo,” Wood explains, “I got to talking to the guys, and they didn’t want to give up their MOTOTRBO radios. They loved the product; they asked, “Do we have to give them back?” That was all WTH needed to know; MOTOTRBO was the right radio system for them.
Prescription for Expandable, Secure Communications
MOTOTRBO is a forward-compatible platform, and investing in MOTOTRBO is an excellent way to lay a foundation for future growth. Ross explains that “MOTOTRBO has enhanced our communications capability by adding more frequencies without our having to increase our licenses.”

MOTOTRBO is able to double the capacity of the existing radio system at WTH, replacing analog repeaters with MOTOTRBO repeaters while continuing to use existing frequencies. Using TDMA technology, MOTOTRBO delivers two times the previous analog capacity without changing the FCC-allocated frequency; this extra capacity can be used for more voice traffic, dedicated data traffic or a combination of both. TDMA enables WTH to utilize the licensed frequency while taking advantage of an extra

timeslot for sophisticated, value-added functionality, without causing any additional interference.

Having clear communications ensures security for everyone and despite the increase in capacity made possible through MOTOTRBO, there was no decrease in communications quality. Digital signal
are inherently clearer than analog signals, and noise suppression technology makes MOTOTRBO audio even crisper and sharper. When he first tried the radio, Ross explains “I was able to make a crystal clear connection with our central control dispatch”; there was just no comparison between the scratchiness of old analog radios and the

incredible clarity of MOTOTRBO.

Clear communications support the safety and security of everyone on campus, and MOTOTRBO has additional features that provide an extra measure of safety assurance for security personnel. “One
of the main concerns I had,” explains Wood, “was for the safety of my officers, and this system has emergency signaling that lets me know which officer is down so everyone can respond to it.” Wood is also excited about text messaging and battery life.

Text messaging enables any phone or computer to send an email to a MOTOTRBO host server application, which then forwards the text message to designated MOTOTRBO subscriber units, supporting tighter, more coordinated communications management.

MOTOTRBO and all digital radios provide improved battery life. WTH personnel reportedly receive up to 18 hours of operation after quick-charging a standard nickel metal hydride battery, much more than is available with many analog radios. Because digital systems use batteries more efficiently than analog systems, talk-time is extended, so personnel spend less time returning to base to recharge their units or pick up fresh batteries.

MOTOTRBO – Restoring Health to Aging Communications Systems
Designed to facilitate quick and easy migration, and to be used in even mixed analog and digital environments, MOTOTRBO’s digital technology enables it to adapt to a number of different work environments, seamlessly supporting industry-specific applications, and it has proven to be an exceptionally productive communications tool. In addition to the applications deployed by West Tennessee Healthcare, the digital platform can

support location tracking via built-in GPS so that the location of field units is displayed on the dispatcher’s computer screen for more efficient operations and tighter asset management. GPS-based Location Services is just one of MOTOTRBO’s continuing series of remarkable applications – made possible through digital technology – that extend the power of MOTOTRBO, enabling it to be customized to work at maximum efficiency in any environment,

in any industry.

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